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Welcome to US POP SHOP!

Welcome to our online store. US POP SHOP is unlike any other retailer of liquid aromas you'll ever find—because we're not just a retailer, we make the brands we sell using our own proprietary formulas. Our products are developed and manufactured in-house under strict quality controls to ensure purity and potency. And we don't just make and sell aromas—we love them as much as you do.
We share your passion for liquid aromas and—like you—are always trying to find better, knock-your-socks off products. As chemists, we understand the formulations and know what it takes to achieve the results we all want. We don't just look for better products—we make them ourselves. A great deal has changed in the industry with many buyers feeling the loss of PWD. Well-known brands are now being offered in rip-off and knock-off formulations that bear little resemblance to earlier versions. We can promise you that our products are made with the same high quality and potency of the original PWD products—and always will be. (And we can modestly tell you: They're even better. A strong claim? We invite you to try them and find out for yourself.)
Our formulations stand out from the mass-produced products in ways you'll recognize right away. Our secret formulas and our improved preservative (that keeps our aromas "good to the last drop") are unique to us. We are dedicated to the development of superb products and affiliate with several online entities that share our passion, doing consultation and research with a wide range of aroma enthusiasts. (One of those relationships may have brought you here.)
We are also dedicated to customer service. You may browse our products and shop in complete confidence. Create an account or shop as a guest—your choice. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store.  PLEASE NOTE:  CHARGE WILL SHOW ON YOUR CREDIT CARD AS CCS, LLC
Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We genuinely care about you and your opinions—and about offering you the best
products possible!
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"I've bought many poppers through many retailers over the years and US POP SHOP trumps them all - including the original PWD brand. The quality is outstanding and the freshness continues even after the bottle has been opened many times! The prices are right, the shipping is fast and you couldn't ask for better customer service! I am glad I found this little gem and strongly urge you to give them a try!  Any popper enthusiast would be a fool to not keep coming back for more! -- Popperdude  www.PoppersPlace.com